2021 NPC Delmarva Classic and Delaware State Championships

To register please go HERE.

Saturday, August 7th

Doubletree Hotel, (Legal District)
700 N. King St Wilmington DE 19801
Reduced rate room reservations use:
“NPC Delmarva Classic”
$120 +$5 processing fee
each additional class $120

Check In/ Registration at host hotel (Double Tree Hotel)

Friday, August 6th
4pm – 7pm

  • Athletes’ morning meeting – 10:00am
  • Evening competitors meeting – 3:30pm
  • BB & Bikini competitors MUST wear their suits to check-in on Friday.
  • Must be registered with the NPC in order to compete. Go here to join. NPC Cards will be available at check-ins.
  • BB & Physique competitors music will be collected at check-in.
  • At the finals; when you hear your name your music will start.
  • All posing will be 70 seconds.
  • If there is a problem with your music continue to pose; we will use house music.
  • OVERALL Champions will remain after the show for a photo shoot.
  • Interviews with OVERALL Champions backstage
  • Awards will follow after each class, OVERALL after OPEN.

DE State/DELMARVA Order of Events

1. DE State Open BB
3. DE ST. Novice BB
4. DLMRVA Novice BB
5. DE State Master 35 BB
6. DLMRVA Master 35 BB
7. DE State Classic Phys. A
8. DLMRVA Classic Phys. A
9. DE St. Classic Phys. B
10. DLMRVA Classic Phys. B
11. DE State Classic Phys. C
12. DLMRVA Classic Phys. C
13. DE State Classic Phys. 35
14. DLMRVA Classic Phys. 35 > 40 (there is no DE State Classic Phys. 40)
15. DE State Figure A
16. DLMRVA Fig. A
17. DE State Figure B
18. DLMRVA Figure B
19. DE State Figure C
20. DLMRVA Figure C
21. DE State Master Figure 35
22. DLMRVA Master Fig. 35
23. DE State Master Fig. 40
24. DLMRVA Master Figure 40
25. DE State Novice Figure
26. DLMRVA Novice Figure
27. DE State True Novice Figure
28. DLMRVA True Novice Figure
29. DE State Physique A
30. DLMEVA Physique A
31. DE State Physique B
32. DLMRVA Physique B
33. DE State Physique C
34. DLMRVA Physique C
35. DE State Master Physique 40 (no 35 DE State M. Phys)
36. DLMRVA Physique 35 > 40
37. DE State BK A
39. DE State BK B
41. DE State BK C
43. DE State BK 35
44. DLMRVA BK 35
45. DE State Novice BK
46. DLMRVA Novice BK
47. DE State True Novice BK
48. DLMRVA True Novice BK
49. DE State Womens Physique
50. DLMRVA Womens Physique
51. DE State Womens BB

$40 all day access

$140 backstage passes

Tickets available at the door

NPC card fee $135


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